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Lion rolls out 'best-in-class' electric medium duty chassis

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Updated May 8, 2023

Not long after revealing the Lion 5, the Canadian-based manufacturer saw orders piling up so fast for the medium-duty electric chassis that it nearly sold out. There were only 20 units left as of Thursday afternoon.

Lion largely credits the quick popularity of the truck to its best-in-class capabilities. California’s aggressive push to go green certainly doesn’t hurt either.

“As of this moment the Lion 5 is the leading in the entire industry because of our payload and our range and our size. Nobody is able to match it at this moment,” Lion's national sales manager Jaimin Thakor said inside the Anaheim Convention Center which had a record turnout of alt fuel trucks and vans along with record attendance.

"I only have 20 allocations available for rest of 2023," Thakor continued. "We are taking large order amounts or quarterly planned amounts based on client's requirements for 2024."

Lion's Class 5 cutaway cabover delivers 315 horsepower and 2,350 lb.-ft. torque and can step up to a Class 6 Gross Combined Weight Rating of 30,000 lbs.