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Pay and respect top influences on why drivers leave a carrier

What do drivers want? Find out with this comprehensive research from the editors at CCJ.

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This is one of three installments in CCJ's What Drivers Want series. Two other articles in the series are "The truck and equipment specs drivers prefer" and "Why many drivers aren't looking forward to retirement". You can download the full results of our What Drivers Want report here

More pay. More home time. Respect. A clear career path that moves them from the cab and possibly to the office. The answer to what truck drivers want from a potential employer/carrier is "all the above."

Throwing more money at more driver applicants might be the lowest of the low-hanging fruit, but it's not the be-all, end-all when it comes to why a driver would join any given fleet over thousands of others, according to the results of CCJ's most recent What Drivers Want survey, a poll of more than 800 leased owner-operators and company drivers. 

Two of the top three concerns among drivers are pay related: paying bills each month (no. 1) and saving for retirement (no. 3). Health was no. 2 among all respondents.